QAV250 ZMR250 Quad Frame Carbon Fiber Drone Mini 250 FPV Quadcopter kit Power Distribution Board PDB 5V 12V BEC Buzzer LED OSD

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  • Only PDB Board
  • Only ZMR250 Frame
  • ZMR250 with PDB
Model NumberZMR250 Frame with 3mm arms / PDB
MaterialComposite Material
Tool SuppliesBattery
Remote Control Peripherals/DevicesRemote Controller
Four-wheel Drive AttributesMotors
Technical parametersValue 5
For Vehicle TypeAirplanes
Upgrade Parts/AccessoriesFrame
RC Parts & AccsMotor Components
UseVehicles & Remote Control Toys
Item Description
ZMR250 250mm Frame Kit 
Main material: 3K Carbon fiber 
Wheelbase: 250mm
With rubber damper to decrease vibration during flight
Aluminum alloy spacer, light weight, reliable
Wheelbase: 250mm
Prop suggest: 5030,5045
Motor suggest: 2205-2208
Battery suggest: 3S 1300-1800ma
it come with only a frame it  , you need to assemble it by yourself.
Power Distribution Board PDB board 5V/12V BEC Buzzer LED Support OSD
Product information:
Product name: PCB integrated subpanel
Weight: 38g (single board) / 54 g (including spare parts)
Main functions: OSD brush firmware, open source electric brush firmware, etc.
Function is introduced:
Upgrade the PDB collection panel of 250 PDB to make you less bothered about walking. Connection welding is simple and easy to handle. Compatible with NAZE32, CC3D, MINIAPM flight control, and the perfect installation of OSD.
Onboard two BEC step-down module, support 5 v / 12 v voltage output, with LED lamp, with a figure pass filtering module, with low voltage alarm buzzer, can be an external bluetooth module, support ultrasonic connection. With 1.5 mm thickness of high quality black heavy gold PCB plank, component materials solid, layout reasonable, get the line which ensure the frame intensity, and reduce the vibration in the process of flight and strengthening the resistance to fall off. Greatly simplify the wiring of the fuselage, making the whole machine look more beautiful.
This PDB Integrated LC filter,5v BEC 2A ,12V BEC 2A.Have the plug solder points for OSD,SP F3,CC3D,Naze32 Rev5.Solder the female pins in the spare parts bag on the PDB board, then plug the OSD and Controller to the PDB.There are LEDs on the PDB to show the front or end of the PDB.The LEDs will be flashed when the buzzer is loud. You can also turn off the LEDs by LED Power switch.
1. Point 1 connect camera. The voltage of camera can choose 5V and 12V by the solder point of V-CAMERA.
2. VTX point connect to FPV transmitter.The voltage of transmitter can choose 5V or 12V by the soler point of V-VTX.
3. The battery use 2-6s Lipo battery. Please note the "+" and "-".
4.The choice of 12V voltage ,can choose to use the battery voltage or use the precision 12V voltage from the 12V regulator.
5. The ESC point on PDB board is support power for ESC,Please note "+" and "-".
6. OSD ,TX,RX Date line ,when use the CC3D SP F3 flight controller ,need to connect the Tx/Rx to controller by yourself.
7. There is 5V output ports on PDB.
8. There is 12V output ports on PDB
9. There is built-in 5V BEC,so no need short circuit here.
10. This is LED Power switch
11. The connector point of signal line, the signal line ,the signal line is next to the Sx pin.
12.If you don't need to use OSD,you can use the short circuit cap in ther spare parts bag. Short circuit connect the 2 point which show "12"
13. The buzzer connect to the BUZZ point .Please note the "+" and "-".
Package Included: ( Send it as your choice)
1 x Power Distribution Board
1 x ZMR250 250mm Frame Kit
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-3DSC_0659DSC_0654DSC_0656ZMR250 QAV250 250mm Frame (7)ZMR250 QAV250 250mm Frame (6)ZMR250 QAV250 250mm Frame (8)ZMR250 QAV250 250mm Frame (4)